Top 5 Birthday Gifts for Your Girlfriend

Top 5 Birthday Gifts for Your Girlfriend


Struggling to find the perfect birthday gift for your girlfriend? I understand, because I’ve also been through the same experience several times.

But fortunately, you won’t have to struggle a lot as here I’m going to share with you five of the best birthday gift ideas that will make your girlfriend super happy. Let’s begin:

  1. Photo Frame: This is a kind of gift that won’t leave you broke, but still win the heart of your girlfriend. A photo frame with collage of some of her best photos, or with just one attractive photo will be pretty close to her heart. If you wish, you can go a step further and use a photo of you with her. While purchasing a photo frame, pay attention to its style as well. You can get a single picture frame or a side-by-side frame, which allows framing two pictures next to each other. Just be careful about the style and pictures that you’re gonna use.
  2. Jewellery: Who doesn’t love jewellery? Even a girl who’s least interested in jewellery will find a small ring, a not-too-heavy gold pendant or lightweight earrings appealing. So if you can gift a thoughtful piece of jewellery to your girlfriend after understanding her choices, there’s a chance that she’ll be on 7th If you don’t have any idea about her jewellery preferences, you need to pay some attention to what type of jewellery she actually wears in day-to-day life. And if you want to play it safe, gift a gold pendant (or pendant of any other metal depending on your budget) with the initials of her name. The chances of this one not being liked by your girlfriend are very, very thin.
  3. Haute Handbags: Gift your girlfriend a hot handbag, and believe me, she’ll love it. Especially if she’s a fashionista. Every time when she’ll get the compliments on her handbag she’ll remember you with love. Just keep the latest trends and styles in mind while shopping for them, because there’s no dearth of styles in the handbag market.
  4. Cozy Pillows: Make her feel the warmth of your love every time when she goes on the couch. Cozy pillows are also one of the expensive gift ideas, but as with other expensive gifts on our list, they’ll remind her of you several times. And when she feels the warmth of your love while remembering you, it’ll be a different kind of experience. If you wish, you can couple the pillows with customized covers to make them even more appealing.
  5. Professional Camera: If your girlfriend is into photography, and you’ve the budget, a GoPro or any other professional camera is unarguably the most perfect thing that you can gift her. While the first item on our list is about keeping a beautiful picture in front of her, this one is about taking as many awesome photos as possible. There’re cameras for every type of girl – for hipsters there’re Instax cameras, for professionals there’s Nikon… and for adventurous girls, there’s GoPro.

So this was my list of top 5 birthday gifts that can make your girlfriend smile with love. Go ahead and choose the one that suits your budget and girlfriend’s preferences.

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