Nail designs for Christmas

Nail designs for Christmas


If you’re wondering what looks will look this Christmas, besides the clothes, hairstyle and makeup, you can also highlight with festive and spectacular manicures as you suggest in this article. Create original Christmas designs on your nails and enhance the beauty of your hands so that on these magical dates you will see the same or more beautiful than the rest of the year.

Discover below some fun nail designs for Christmas and get inspired by them to renew your image and create a trend.

Santa Claus in the nails

Among the most original and popular nail designs for Christmas, are those that make up one of the main protagonists of this time of year: Santa Claus or Santa Claus. As you can see in the image, there are many possibilities and you can create unique designs that include the face of Santa Claus or some part of his suit, like his famous red cap with the white pompom on the tip. To get these manicures, you will need mainly three enamels: white, red and black. And to draw the details, you’ll have to make a fine brush.

Nails with Christmas reindeer

If you like fun and creative designs, this may be ideal for you to look at the Christmas season. We propose you to draw the face of a nice reindeer of Santa Claus on your nails. To do this, you must first apply a first layer of white enamel and then make the face of the reindeer with a brown enamel and draw the small details such as horns and nose with black nail polish. The result is amazing!

Snowman in the nails

This is another nail decoration for Christmas that we love. The idea is to show off a winter manicure with a snowman adorned with a Santa Claus hat. Because drawing the snowman on all the nails can be very laborious, a great option is to do it only on one nail and the rest paint them with Christmas colors and that evoke us the winter season, like blue sky, white and the Red.

Christmas manicure

Santa Claus, the Christmas tree, a snowman, they are all typical Christmas elements, and you can also wear them together on your nails. As you can see in the image, you can complete your look with a super original manicure that you can reinvent to your liking by adding all the details you want.

Christmas gift nails

In the event that you do not have much time to draw characters on your nails or make spectacular designs, this option may be the perfect one for you. The idea is very simple and easy to make, you will only have to paint your nails red and, with a fine brush, draw on one of the nails the bow of a gift with white enamel. In the others, it will be enough to draw a white horizontal line. Although it is a simple design, you will get a very attractive and flattering manicure for Christmas.

Nails with Christmas balls

One of the most deeply rooted traditions in the Christmas season is to assemble the Christmas tree at home, and to make it look spectacular we decorate it with all kinds of ornaments, be they balls, bows, stars, bells, lights, ribbons, etc. On this occasion, your nails can be the center of attention with a design that consists of drawing some hanging Christmas balls. The trick to adapt to the aesthetics of this time of year is to use colors such as red, green, black and white.

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