Step by Step Beginner’s Guide to Applying Foundation

Step by Step Beginner’s Guide to Applying Foundation


Foundation is one of the most popular makeup tools among women. The primary concern though, is that most ladies don’t get how to apply it correctly. It is the hardest makeup product to get right. They end up with baked looking and patchy faces. This guide seeks to make it easier for you to use the foundation properly.

Here are the significant steps when applying foundation:

1 Cleaning Your Face

Even though most people tend to wash their faces before makeup, give it more attention before applying a foundation. Cleansing helps in clearing any leftover oils and grime on the skin. For smoother skin, use a combination of lukewarm water and cleaners.

Step by Step Beginner’s Guide to Applying Foundation

The type of cleanser you use should rhyme with your skin tone. For sensitive skin, go for less acidic cleaners. The acidic cleaners are great for those whose skins are prone to acne. The acids help in fighting the acne-causing bacteria.

2 Prep

Once you have a clean face, moisturize your body to give the foundation a soft, natural look. The prepping allows for the hydration of the skin to avoid dry and flaky looks.

Use a moisturizer that fits your skin type. Oil-free moisturizers are great for acne-prone and sensitive skins, while thicker creams are excellent for dry skins.

The other prepping is a prime which prevents the makeup from mixing with your body. It also helps in avoiding the absorption of the foundation into the skin.

Feel free to include eye cream, toner, and an exfoliator for the smooth makeup application.

3 Application

This is the time to apply your foundation. Before you commence, confirm that you are using the best foundation for face that matches your skin tone. Apply a few damps of the foundation on the back of your hand. Use a beauty sponge to apply the foundation from the mid-face as you spread it out.

4 Blending

You must make the foundation as even as possible. Using a slightly damp beauty sponge, evenly spread the foundation across the skin until it fully melts into your skin.

5 Fine-tuning

This is the point to clear all the other skin blemishes like acne and spots. Apply a concealer over the redness using a sponge. The concealer helps in blending your face for the perfect look. The concealer you use depends on your skin type and the blemishes. If you have a lot to cover up, go with a thicket concealer that comes with a full-coverage formula.

6 Setting

Imagine after all this work, only for your foundation to fade off by noon? Avoid the faster fading by applying a pinch of translucent powder over the skin.

7 Admire your Work

Here is the time to take that look of admiration into your mirror. With your confidence levels on the horizon, step out with heads high and ready to turn heads as you conquer the world.


Even though a little time-intensive, proper foundation application is worth it. With the right products, you end up with the smooth, flawless face you have always envied.

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