Significance of gemstones and its influence on your life

gemstones and its influence


In India, many people wear fingerings made of gemstones. Every gemstone in India is astrologically significant. The gemstones are beautiful and are available in various colors. They are shinny stones usually sphere or oval shaped and have a crystal-like structure. The torquouise is a blue-shaped stone that looks sober. The purple colored amethyst is wonderful and the pink tourmaline also looks fabulous. Some of the precious stones of khannagems are emerald, ruby, blue sapphire, hessonite, diamond, pearl etc.

Astrological significance of gemstones

Gemstones are precious stones extracted from the earth. People believe that the gemstones always receive the cosmetic vibrations from the planets and also create electromagnetic waves. Many people in India firmly believe in astrology and every gemstone is closely associated with a planet. So, gemstones create a positive or negative impact upon a person’s life. They influence our emotional, mental, physical and financial life. They also resolve our problems and bring fortune and success to our life. Some gemstones prevent the evil effects of a planet. They increase our level of consciousness and reduce our stress levels.

How gems influence our subtle energy?

We are made of energies or forces that influence our way of thinking, behavior, intellect and emotions. Due to imbalanced energy patterns we experience different types of problems in our life. Some of the gemstones increase our subtle energy enhancing our confidence level. So, we usually consult astrologers to wear certain gemstones. We can promote our relationship with someone if we wear right type of gemstone.

Is Astrology a perfect science?

Astrology is a science because it studies about the cosmic forces of planets that govern human life. It defines the cosmic force and energies of every planet during our time of birth. When we were born, different planets were located in different positions. So, the position of the planet influences every stage of our life. Every planet was not powerful during our birth. The astrologers suggest wearing certain gemstones to reduce the evil influence of some planets and radiate energy. Gems are known to increase efficiency and remove barriers of our life in terms of marriage, finance, luck, fame etc. These stones produce radioactive and spectrum effect. When a person wears a ring, then it continuously produces vibration and these vibrations are absorbed by the person’s aura. Some people believe that people are not affected by the negative energies of other persons if they wear powerful gemstones.  Gemstones increase our physical immunity and become free from certain diseases. These stones not only enhance our health, but also upheaval our energy level.

We should not wear a gemstone according to our own likings, but always consult an astrologer. They consist of mystical power that benefits the wearer. You should preferably consult an expert astrologer if you want to wear gemstones. The astrologers usually view your horoscope before recommending any gemstone.


It is a gemstone green-colored and is generally recommended for people whose ruling planet is Mercury. It is a planet associated with wit, tactics and writing skills. So, this gemstone is usually recommended for the writers, businessmen, people who deal with scientific instruments, publishers etc. It is also suggested for the people who have problems speaking or liver-related problems. It influences our nervous system, liver and vocal cord.


It is a beautiful red colored gemstone suggested for the person suffering from any abnormality. If your ruling planet is Sun, then you should wear this gemstone. It is gemstones that influences good health, and uplifts our position in the society. You enjoy prestigious position in the society if you wear this gemstone. It is also worn by a person who is experiencing low-esteem problems.


It is one of the prettiest gemstones found on the earth. It is a symbol of happiness and financial prosperity. It is a crystal-like substance white colored and shinny. If your ruling planet is Venus, then you should wear this gemstone. Venus influences many aspects of life such as marriage, creativity, relationships, social service, etc.


It is a beautiful gemstone that is white colored and is meant to increase the self-esteem of the wearer. If your ruling planet is moon, then you should wear this gemstone. Moon directly affects the moods and emotions of an individual. If you are experiencing mood swings or any mental distress, then you should wear this gemstone.


It is a bright red color gemstone worn to eliminate different illnesses such as chicken pox, jaundice, tropical fevers, allergies, body pain etc. If your ruling planet is Mars then you can wear this fingering. It is worn to build physical and mental strength. Mars is a planet that increases our energy level and brings confidence. The Mars planet also builds your ability to face your competitors. These gemstones are usually worn by policeman, soldiers, surgeons, players and workers. It is worn to enhance self-confidence and improve administrative capacity of an individual. It is a planet that deals with buying and selling of land and properties also. It prevents different problems of life such as fever, abortion, epilepsy, stomach aches etc.

Blue Sapphire significance

It is a gemstone of Saturn planet. If your ruling planet is Saturn, then you should wear this gemstone. Saturn is a planet that symbolizes hardships, diligence, commitment and discipline. If you lack these strengths, then the astrologers recommend this gemstone. It is a planet that awards the hard-working people and punishes the wicked. If you wear this gemstone, it removes the hurdles of your life and brings mental peace. It punishes the wicked and lazy people at different levels.

Golden Topaz

It is also known Pushkaraj a yellow-sapphire gemstone that brings fortune in your life. If your ruling planet is Jupiter, then you should wear this gemstone. Jupiter is a planet that influences different aspects such as wisdom, wealth expansion, religion, higher education, immunity, food grains, etc. It brings mental peace to an individual. This gemstone is suitable for writers, traders, businessmen and lawyers.

You should wear the famous khannagems consulting an astrologer because you can succeed in life and remove barriers from your life.

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