How to start Scrap booking as a Beginner

How to start Scrap booking as a Beginner


What’s scrapbooking?

Actually, scrapbooks are just a more creative form of photo albums: Instead of just showing glued-on photos one after the other, scrapbooks present personal stories and capture more than just photos.

With the help of individual decorations and other materials such as tickets, written notes, or small objects, each page of a scrapbook becomes a small work of art.

The name comes from the English – “scrap” means snippets or pieces.

A scrapbook is more than just Fun

Designing scrapbooks or sticker books is a new-trend hobby for those who love to design.

It’s simple as using photos, tickets, or postcards, glue them together stick them together with many colorful decorations and stickers to make an album.

Scrap booking

It’s a way of creating your own personal memory book or individual memory book.

If you would like to establish your hunches or past experience in the form of scrapbook designs, then you will be happy with the design marketplace.

You’ll not need to get all the needed accessories individually or buy them at a higher price, but can get everything at once, and with a discount.

You can search to find your favorite scrapbooking album, paper, retro pictures, and the deco box with stickers, Washi tapes, deco cards, pennant chains, etc.

You can also find Scrapbooking Set Light, which is perfect for beginners and photo book lovers.

You can go forward to create your photo book online and then decorate it at home.

If you’re just getting to learn about scrapbooking, I’d like to get you through the introduction.

How to Start Scrapbooking

First, think about whether you want to make a scrapbook as a memory for yourself or as a gift for someone with whom you share your memories.

With a scrapbook set, you can get started right away but you’ll need to learn what is required for good preparation and what material you need.

Arts is about creativity, irrespective of the medium. You can decorate your scrapbooks with postcards, feathers, and many other materials.

Colourful pens, stickers, glitter but also beautiful fabrics or memories like plane tickets or admission tickets are just a few examples.

Stamps are also often used for scrapbooking. Don’t just be put off by the number of possibilities, just stick with what’s important for you and a souvenir. After all, a scrapbook is a very individual thing!

For a scrapbook, most of the time, one chooses the best pictures in order to put them in an effective scene with some accessories – and this in such a way that the overall impression evokes the atmosphere at the time of the photography.

Thus, a scrapbook actually consists of really expressive photos and memory snippets. The rest is up to your imagination.

Tips to get started in scrapbooking

Use what you already have

Of course, there are professional scrapbook accessories for everything but for starters, you can still try it with home materials.

You can use cardboard, the back of a drawing pad. You can also get scissors and gum to cut and glue things respectively.

Cans, plates and other household items can be used as stencils.

Keep it simple

Take two or three photos and arrange them on a piece of paper. Add a title. And a little story about what can be seen there. Glue a sticker to it. Or two. It looks good, doesn’t it?

Draw instead of stamping

Cut it small

Really, dare! It’s just paper.

Experiment and challenge yourself

Take lots of small photos or a large photo. Use only one color. Writes a big title. No title … There is no right or wrong. But there are so many ways to create scrapbook pages.

Only if you experiment with it, you’ll find out what really suits you. Challenges on blogs or in forums offer a great opportunity to try out.

Practice, practice, practice

Even if that would of course be very practical – it is not enough to read a manual or watch a YouTube video.

Scrapbooking, like all other hobbies, takes practice and time. Get to know your material and tools.

Repeats techniques as often as possible. And calculates failures. Even the most experienced scrapper occasionally produces works for the bin.

Allow yourself to go your own way on this journey.

The most important rule? No rules!

Very important when scrapbooking: There is no “right” or “wrong”.

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If you meet people who try to make you realize that what you are doing or have done is not “real scrapbooking”, please smile mildly and agree that it was never your intention to do “real scrapbooking”!


Whatever we call this activity, it should be fun and inspire your imagination. Everything is allowed, nothing has to, everything can – and most importantly, you should like the result itself and the experience of scrapbooking should give you good feelings.

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