Top 10 Asian Traditional attire for Asians couples

Top 10 Asian Traditional attire for Asians couples


Asians society is widely known as the most ancient community worldwide. The ancient modernizations of countries like China and Japan in the previous century triggered interest in folks worldwide to know the importance of maintaining the cultural lifestyle. For instance, keeping the traditional costume like hanbok dress for a wedding ceremony is among the essential practices most everyone should never ignore. The following are some traditional wedding costumes.

Kimono bride garment

Kimono is Japanese traditional wedding clothing designed with T-shaped, straight-lined with collars and complete-length sleeves. Kimono costume comes with both men and women wear. However, currently are mostly worn are by women, especially during special occasion like a wedding ceremony.

Salwar and Sari

Salwar and Sari are traditional wedding clothing mostly worn by Indian women. Sari and Salwar are typically designed with a long tunic known as kameez and also loose pants recognized as Salwar. Sari is made of 6 meters of garment wrapped to create a skirt, which is then draped on the shoulder.

Hanbok dress

Hanbok is a Korean dress that is also popularly known as Han-guk-pokshik, which represents Korean culture. It also has its top part that is identified as Jeogori, designed with blouse-like long sleeves. Most men prefer wearing it stretched down to its waist. Women typically wear skirt known as Chima and men wear the baggy ones known as paji.


Kebaya is an Indonesian costume; its name was originated from the Arabic term Kaba that means clothing. Portuguese in Indonesia introduced Kaba. Kebaya comes with an open-fronted wide-sleeved tunic worn particular meant by women.

Barong Tagalog

Barong is a traditional colourful attire worn mostly the Philippines. Barong design for men is an overstated outer shirt that typically worn without tucking. Barong also comes with its collars design, mid-thigh horizontal and long sleeves. Women design is heavily worn starched with matching long skirt for a particular occasion.


Cambodians regard Sambot traditional attire as a feature of prestige and identity. Sambot is lower clothing worn by both genders. Sambot is made of a rectangular garment, approximately 3 meters long and 1 meter wide. Sambot costume is worn by wrapping the dress around the waist and stretch it ending away from the body.

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Baju Kurung and Baju Melayu

Baju Melayu and Kurung are traditional costume for men, comprise two main parts, including shirt and trouser. Baju Gurung is women wear designed with a skirt type decoration with a shirt. They are also traditional to wear that symbolize the cultural lifestyle. Other design also comes with a rectangular piece of garment held on shoulders. There are a wide range of Korean costumes like Hanbok dress varieties you can choose for either a wedding ceremony or any other special occasion.

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