How to have the best workout

the best workout


We present tips to increase the efficiency of your daily workout. Start with buying the right clothing from the online Nike store.

There is increased awareness about exercising to keep the body fit. Wherever you turn, you see people jogging, power walking, skipping or going to the gym. Exercise is beneficial for the overall proper functioning of the body and mind. It keeps your body fit and your mind fresh.

But exercising correctly is more important, if you want to see results and get fitter. Often, most people put in more time exercising – when doing it for less time in the correct manner is more helpful.

Here’s a guide on having the best workout:

* Buy the right gear.

The right clothing and footwear will do much to increase the workout’s efficiency. Hot, clingy fabrics will pinch and pull you back, apart from making you really sweaty. Opt for sweat wicking fabrics for your tees or tanks, and even your track pants and shorts. The sweat wicking fabric rapidly pulls sweat away from the body and dries up quite quickly, thus keeping you cool and comfortable. Browse the online Nike store on your favourite shopping site or app to find the best workout clothing. The online Nike store stocks workout clothing for both men and women, as well as bags and other accessories.

* Pace yourself.

Each person responds differently to exercise. So comparing your results with someone else’s will either demotivate you or make you work out much harder than you need to. Pace yourself when you work out – your heart rate must certainly increase when you run or pull weights, but not to the extent that you begin to see spots or get cramps. Your body will tell you when it is tensing up enough and when it is experiencing pain. Packing in too many exercises does not help – doing them with the right form and repetitions does.

* Less is more?

When you reach an intermediate level of training, you must reduce the number of reps per exercise while increasing intensity. For example, train your biceps with a 25-pound weight for 10 reps, instead of with a 10-pound weight for 20 reps. The former helps in fat cell burning and muscle toning much better. Similarly, run at a faster speed at intervals, instead of a slow jog for 30 minutes. The key lies in pushing the body at a higher intensity for a shorter period, rather than going slow for a long time.

* Keep yourself hydrated.

Most people are so fixated on their form and intensity that they forget one basic component of good exercise: keeping the system hydrated. The body continuously loses water in the form of sweat. There is some amount of water loss even when the body burns fat and muscle cells during exercise. You need to replenish the lost stocks of water at regular intervals. But take care not to guzzle large amounts of water every time you move from one exercise to another. The belly should not be splashing around with water, either – it impedes your movement and makes you want to vomit. Take small sips to keep the mouth and throat moistened.

* Take help for difficult exercises.

Doing things wrongly is a sure way of sustaining injuries. If you are starting a new exercise that involves heavy weights, take the help of a trainer and focus on your form. Have a trainer supervise your workout till the time that you are sure you are doing all exercises

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