How to Pick Indo Western Dresses for Engagement?

Pick Indo Western Dresses for Engagement


Exhibiting the essence of contemporary fashion yet carrying the legacy of classic ethnicity, the trend of indo western dresses is the new swag of the fashion market. Right from its modern cuts to stylish prints, patterns and silhouettes, everything in the indo western dresses make it a versatile ensemble exuding top-notch elegance and charm.

The trend of this stylish and versatile ensemble is so amazing that it has already paved its way into wedding market to gracefully adorn the beauty of the brides during engagement ceremonies and other functions.  If you are also planning to pick indo western dresses for engagement, here are our marvelous tips that would help.

Ideal color

When it comes to Indian weddings, there is no color other than red that could steal all the limelight. For all its brightness and appealing traits, it could never be replaced by any other color no matter how appealing the other color is. However, the contemporary brides have started to plunge and pick different hues like pink, burgundy and pastels in their indo western dresses for engagement. Just assure that your chosen color suits your skin tone completely.

Fabric Matters

The bottom line of any clothing shopping story is that fabric really holds the most important place and if the shopping is a wedding shopping, it becomes all the way more important. So, while choosing indo western dresses for engagement, you should be very particular about fabric and opt for fabrics like chanderi, embroidered silk, velvet, georgette or chiffon. One thing that you should keep in mind is that it should make you look stunning in place of enhancing the flaws of your body.

Season friendly

It is indeed your wedding and if you yourself cannot have fun then, what’s the point? The simple rule is to consider weather while picking up your engagement indo western dress as it decide your comfort level and further the fun factor in your celebration. With season friendly clothing, you would be able to pose better, smile better, look better and feel better.

Plunging necklines

Since you are bride and it’s your wedding, you must look so gorgeous that no one is able to capable of blinking an eye and for this reason, you should shop designer indo western dresses from Missprint, Sabyasachi and Manyavar that has a plunging designer neckline. These contemporary fusion styles always have a great option when it comes to neckline and you have all the liberty to pick the one that suits you and your stance completely.

Sleeve style

Quite similar to necklines, indo western dresses have various sleeve styles available and you have all the liberty to pick the one that you love. Right from Ralgan sleeves to bell sleeves, quarter sleeves, half sleeves, butterfly sleeves and lot more, every other sleeve style can impart a different look to your ensemble and hence, you should pick the sleeve style according to your choice but, that goes well with rest other factors like fabric, color and neckline of the dress.

Fits the body right

Everything else mentioned so far are worthless if you cannot pick the indo western dresses for engagement as per your body type. No matter which style seems most flaunting to you, you should pick the dress that completely flatters your body type. Without this, you would look awkward in place of looking beautiful even if you consider rest all other factors.

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