What Type of Diamonds Are Available at Wholesale Prices in Texas?



Diamonds come in different shapes, sizes, and even colors. When buying diamonds wholesale ones can be best since they are more affordable but still of high quality. You can get diamonds at wholesale price in Texas by going directly to wholesale diamond dealers since most of them allow individuals to directly purchase from them. As a buyer is aware of what wholesale stores offer can give you more choices on who to buy from. So do your part by researching and comparing the types of diamond wholesale stores have to offer. 

What Type of Diamonds Are Available at Wholesale Prices?

Most wholesale diamonds offer all sorts of diamonds they can get. All sizes and shapes so they can cater to all the demands of their clients, plus wholesale dealers also supply the smallest stores so they make sure they can distribute enough supplies to every store or person buying from them. 

Type of Diamonds Are Available at Wholesale Prices

Round Diamonds 

Round diamonds will always be on the list of wholesale diamond stocks. Since they are in high demand and they come in different carat. They are loved by many since they are versatile and they can be stunning in any jewelry form. 

Princess cut Diamonds 

Princess cut diamonds are also offered by wholesale diamond sellers since they are cheaper than round diamonds but can still be beautiful when made as jewelry. They are considered the second choice as a center stone for engagement rings. 

Cushion Cut Diamonds 

This cut has been popular for centuries and that’s why more people are loving it. They are available for a wide variety of carats offered by wholesale diamond dealers. They can be ideal for unique jewelry since the cut is something different from those of the popular ones. 

Radiant cut 

This cut is a combination of two cuts which are the Asscher cut and emerald cut. It has been known for its durability and deco cut which makes it perfect for everyday wear. This cut is offered by wholesale diamond stores. 

Heart Cut Diamonds 

This cut is sold by wholesale diamonds since they are ideal for any jewelry, they can express the message immediately without any special effects on the diamond because of its shape. So people are buying them now and then despite being rare and difficult to cut. 

Where can You find diamonds at wholesale prices in Texas?

  • Wholesale diamond stores are the best choice when looking for wholesale prices since they are the ones who are into getting the diamonds directly from the source. However, make sure to always verify their backgrounds so you can pick reliable wholesale diamond stores. You can check their license if you can check the list of wholesale diamond sellers in Texas. 
  • Online Diamond stores can also offer wholesale prices for diamonds, however, you have to be cautious since their authenticity is hard to prove compared with going to physical stores. Though there are also several ways to find out if the stores are legit and they have a process that would assure their customers that they can deliver the diamond to your doorstep without risking getting scammed. 

What are the payment methods accepted?


This is the best way to pay for your diamond since there are no strings attached and you don’t have to worry about any balance once you pay for your diamond.


There are several ways to pay for your diamond with credit.IT can be in the form of a credit card or some wholesale diamond dealers offer financing options to pay your diamond by getting a loan or they are partnered with a financier that can be considered as the third party. 

Cashier’s Check 

If you don’t want to carry cash, paying it with a cashier’s check can be ideal. So it is wise to do window shopping first to get the exact amount to be written on the cashier’s check for your payment. 

Wire Transfer

Wire transfer is also allowed when purchasing a diamond since it is good as cash the only difference is the money is sent directly to their account. 

Have a specific diamond in mind before you visit the wholesale diamond store so you can have more convenient shopping as well as prepare a budget to get the diamond you want.

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