Bridging Fashion & Interior Design with Gucci’s Home Decor Collection

Home Decor Collection


Gucci has been an icon in the luxury fashion sector with a global reputation for high-quality materials, designs, and famous brand ambassadors. Since 2017, the luxury brand has expanded to include home decór collections that embody their essence.

Luxury interior designers  can incorporate the newest Gucci home décor collection, Garden of Delights, in their latest projects to create a whimsical and sophisticated space.

You can lavishly dress up your living room with flora and fauna-inspired chairs, cushions, blankets, and metal candles. Every piece is well-thought-out and unique with colorful floral prints to accent every corner of the house.

What’s New in the Gucci Home Décor Collection?

The Italian brand has been offering a home collection since 2017 but this is the first time that they launched a series of candles in metal containers, available in 4 distinct scents.

Esotericum is a blend of jasmine, leather notes, and orange bitter. Mehen is a combination of Persian blue salt, seaweed, water moss as well as licorice. Freesia is a blend of violet leaf and resinous galbanum notes. Finally, Herbosum is a scent that combines tomato leaves and aromatic plants peppered with basil and lemongrass.

Candles in ceramic and porcelain are also part of the collection, some of which can be used as mugs when the wax is burned. Complete the look with ceramic trinket trays and boxes featuring flowers and butterfly designs.

A table setting will never be complete without the nickel silverware flatware and crystalline glasses adorned with the signature bee and lion figures.

The collection goes beyond table settings, though, as it features larger furniture including sofas and 18th-century-inspired tufted armchairs as well. The colorful palette continues with the garden and floral theme, with so many options that make it feel like each one is tailored to specifically fit an individual’s unique taste.

Gucci’s new wallpapers feature floral and retro designs in bright hues, often drawn from the designs in the fashion house’s archives and previously featured in their clothing as well. The cushions and blankets are designed to create a visual impact. Gucci’s signature monogram design in silk, linen, and wool also adds to the classic yet vibrant energy of the collection.

Gucci truly embraces the inspiration found in outdoor flora and fauna. Many of the designs from different pieces feature floral motifs and colors.

The Gucci home décor collection is up for grabs online from their official website. Professional help will not only impress your visitors with superb interior designs but will ultimately make you happy.

Experts can use the pieces in this collection to create personal spaces that are more functional as well as beautiful. These professionals are also equipped to select the right materials and accessories to complement the colors, patterns, and overall appearance of a room.

Consult professional designers about incorporating pieces from  Gucci’s Garden of Delights collection  into your space. After all, interior home design should not only be pleasing to the eyes, but it should also be inspiring and evokes happiness.

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