Victoria Barbara – High-End Fashionable Pastel Color Styles to Embrace In 2020

High-End Fashionable Pastel Color Styles to Embrace In 2020


Pastel colors are the ideal soft hues for Spring high- end fashion, and 2020 is no exception when it comes to embracing pastel dyes for the ultimate stylish cool look. Designers at Milan, New York, and Paris Fashion runways have introduced a lot of pastel-colored looks for this year as well. When it comes to embracing pastel-colored inspirations for this year, there are lovely designs and outfits for the modern women to flaunt everywhere with confidence.

Check out the latest 2020 styles at Victoria Barbara – What should you include in your wardrobe this year?

Victoria Barbara is a popular fashion blogger known for her high end and street style fashion. The following are the hot pastel styled fashion trends for you to embrace in 2020-

  1. Puffy sleeves- This is one of the hottest 2020 trends designers flaunted with on major runways. They are not only limited to tops, but you will find them with dresses with a number of different necklines like plunge, heart, V-shaped, and straight necklines. There are both formal and casual puffy sleeves available for you to wear. The size of the puff depends upon the material of the dress; however, you too can decide on how big you want your puff to be.
  2. Ruffles- Ruffles have been all over the fashion runways this 2020 and come in intense dramatic forms. They were found on tops and maxi dresses. The vertical ruffle was a big hit this year as it came as a slit that ran down at the side of a dress. Again, layers of fabric were used on major outfits showcased at the Milan, London, and New York fashion weeks, where the dress looked like a wedding cake with panels of fabric laid over each other. The ruffled look can be added anywhere to the dress even to a waist-line. The goal is to pay attention to detail and the area where the ruffle is to be highlighted. You can find a lot of inspirational designs at Victoria Barbara.
  3. Bras on tops- Yes, this trend was a super-hit at major runways, and it is here to stay. The bra on the top look is not the regular underwired bra you are associated with. It is more like an itsy-bitsy cropped top that you can wear during the spring and summer months. The piece looks super cute and can be paired with a number of loose ultra-sleek bottoms. They are available in different kinds of materials and even knit, and cotton has been included. Katie Holmes popularized the knit bra and cardigan set that looks super stylish and is here to stay for 2020. Zara, too has come forward to replicate this style and has introduced about five different versions of this style for women and girls to embrace. They come in different styles, and thanks to their size, they are ideal for spring and summer wear.

Victoria Barbara says that most of the top trends for 2020 are interesting and cute that you can find at Victoria Barbara. However, do not forget to include the above style trends and buy them in pastel colors so that you can step out super cool this year!

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