Ramp Up Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Ramp Up Your Home’s Curb Appeal


Is your property less than welcoming when you return home from a long day at work? Has it just lost its curb appeal? It’s hard to know just where to start to make the small and large changes needed to ramp up the exterior of your home. Follow these basic recommendations from the landscape and design professionals to get back that curb appeal that will welcoming you home each evening. You don’t need an unlimited budget or the services of an expensive designer. You do need some imagination, ability to take on some heavy lifting and a few weekends to truly transform the exterior of your home. Take a walk around your neighborhood and notice those homes that do have a welcoming curb appeal. Take note of the landscaping, exterior colors and maintenance. Stand across the street from your home and take a critical look. Identify deferred maintenance issues as well as features that make your home bland and outdated. Slip on a pair of comfortable shoes and prepare to get started today.

Start with the landscaping. Trims all shrubs at least one foot below the windows and away from walkways. Cut tree limbs ten feet above the ground to allow easy passage and grass to grow. Re-edge beds and apply fresh pine straw or pine needles as needed. Spray weed control and apply fertilizer to the lawn. Power-wash the driveway and sidewalks. Address any deferred maintenance issues on railings and fencing both for aesthetic and safety purposes. Identify an area by the driveway and curb as well as the main entrance to plant beds of colorful seasonal flowers for a welcoming touch.

Check the integrity of all gutters and down spouts and repair or replace as needed. Select a fresh color for the shutters and front door that matches the exterior of the home. If you’re having difficulties selecting a color, remind yourself that choosing a baby’s name is a big decision, choosing a $25 gallon on paint is not.

Check out the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and head to your local Sears for a great selection of new house numbers, mailboxes, doormats and exterior lighting. Updating each of these items will give your home a crisp, welcoming curb appeal. Finally, invest in a large planter for the front porch and fill with colorful seasonal flowers. You’ve just succeeded in ramping up the curb appeal of your home!

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