Party time eyeglasses for special occasion

Party time eyeglasses for special occasion


When we talk about latest fashion wear, first thing that comes to our mind is latest trend in fashion accessories. Women and men alike, need some sort of new and versatile designs when it comes to looking presentable and gorgeous. Eyeglasses are prime accessory whenever any type of new wear is being discussed. There are a lots of different sizes, colors, patterns and shapes that are available in eye wear. One of the most popular eyeglasses of all times are party glasses

Trends and fashions change over time. No one sticks to the same products for many year and eyeglasses are of no exception. New styles and designs with different materials used for frames and glasses are introduced each year. In 2019, many new color combinations are tried and are in fashion these days. When we are planning on investing in good quality party time we consider a lot of eye wear since these are not cheap glasses. They are made with top notch design and material combinations.

By considering frames of eyeglasses, voogueme eyeglasses frames can be your best best because of following reasons:

  1. The quality of material that is used in frames that provides strength as well as flexibility to eyeglasses.
  2. There are hundreds of color combinations available to match your outfit. Since fashion is the name of matching accessories with your outfits.
  3. The different shapes and sizes that are available to choose from. Frames contribute towards entire look and feel of your eye wear.

Trends of party time eyeglasses in 2019:

Party time eyeglasses are mainly considered for special occasions like birthdays, or happy weekends or weddings etc. In 2019, following eyewear’s are in fashion for party time eyeglasses:

Oversized Square Eyeglasses:

Oversized glasses and fashion accessories along with polarized sunglasses has been used as a fashion statement for several years now by bold and fashion loving people that are confident to carry these huge frames. The trend doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon since in 201 also, the trend continues and people are using these glasses for party time in special occasions. The oversized eyewear style revolutionized fashion trends in the 1960s, and matured in late 80’s when demand of these glasses was over welding. AT that times these were largely used in catwalks and streets all around the world

Thin and Lightweight Metal Eyeglasses:

In general, frames made from metal, are mainly made of titanium or alloys like stainless steel that gives toughness and flexibility to frames stand up well to wear and tear. Following metals are being used to construct these frames in 2019.

Titanium frames are very strong, lightweight and corrosion-resistant. They are being used in eyeglasses for long period of time and they stand the test of time very well. These comes in variety of color choices.

Montel is a mixture of metals just like alloy which makes the frames durable and reduced the allergies that are caused by certain metals.

Berylliumcosts less and is also a sturdy metal just like titanium. It is very lightweight flexible and strong making it easy for the optician to adjust them. Beryllium is extremely corrosion-resistant too.

Stainless steel frames are lightweight and strong and also cost effective they are not as costly as titanium but offers good strength.

Aluminum is largely used in frames it is used in top notch frames only. It is corrosion-resistant, very flexible and rigid.

Sporty Aviator Glasses:

These glasses are favorite among youth and other sports lovers. They offer a good flex to their frames and are strong enough to bear minor wear and tear without any problem. These glasses are light weight and extremely easy to use. Sports lover prefer these glasses while performing sport activities or doing exercise in gym.

Circle Round Glasses:

These glasses comes in different sizes and colors. Large circular glasses are used by people having bold and loud personality that depicts their confidence. Small circled frames are very popular among youth specially students.

Vintage Cat-Eye Glasses:

You can never keep cat-eye glasses out of discussion, whether vintage or modern designs are being considered, cat-eyes glasses comes to first preference of many people. These are equally popular among all age groups.

Dapper Semi-Rimless Glasses:

The frames of these glasses is half made of metal or plastic and half is open, giving modern look and feel to the glasses. These are greatly liked by business oriented people.


Whichever eyeglasses you prefer and the color you want, Voogueme is here to be your first choice since it provides you with new trends of 2019 and offers you amazing discounts at your purchase.

Voogueme is the online store of eyeglasses and eye lenses that is at your service 24/7 with its large collection ranging from simple prescription eyeglasses to all-time favorite party time eyeglasses for special occasions.

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