merchant account bad credit

merchant account bad credit


Starting a Small Business? Here’s Where to get Financing If Your Credit Score Is Poor

If starting a business is the next big thing for you, a poor credit score is one of many things that may be standing on your way.

For many lenders you’ll go to, one primary criterion of eligibility is a decent credit score as it points to your capacity and willingness to repay loans if they offer you a loan. For more visit Volvo  Lease.

Though conventional lenders may not hold the fort for your business if your credit history is wanting, today’s small business financing market has offered several other avenues can tap into.

Here’s where to seek finances for your business when you have poor credit.


Crowdfunding has been around for some years now, but it is still new to some micro-businesses, and more and more entrepreneurs are using this method to put their innovative ideas into action.

Crowdfunding offers you an opportunity to get funding from multiple investors through an online platform. These websites act as a convergence point for startups seeking funding and investors looking for promising entrepreneurs. The startup owner must they will convince the investors they’ll get ROI and generate profits within a specified period. For more visit Volvo  Secondhand Car.

Business Grant         

No matter the industry you are looking to enter, a business grant can be available for you. If your company has a sustainable idea or you are a young entrepreneur or female enterpriser, you may get their hands on grants to get you going no matter your credit status.

Even the government offers grants. But most times you can get them from a private company interested in whatever idea you’re looking to build up. The best way to get grants is conducting thorough research to spot firms that match your field and are looking for entrepreneurs.

Personal Loans

A microloan may also bridge the gap when your poor credit score can’t get you anywhere. In essence, microloans are a faster avenue compared to other credit forms. Only, you get a small loan with a higher-than-normal interest.

Small loans can help you build your score, as long as you’re sure you’ll manage and stay disciplined with your loan settlements. These sources of finance do not look at credit scores. But a good score can maximize your chances of getting funds.

Peer-to-peer (P2P) Financing

Most P2P lending companies do not prioritize a decent credit score when assessing entrepreneurs for loans, so there a chance your request will be accepted. Most of the P2P finance providers are online-based. The request and acceptance processes are also faster and more efficient than traditional loans. That mean’s you can know whether you have been approved or turned down in just a few hours or days.

Credit Cards

As a last resort, though, you can look for a credit card, which you must use carefully and sparingly this time.

Credit cards are excellent sources of money for inventory purchase and other pressing issues. However, remember that interest rates can be sky high compared to other loan types available for small businesses.

Closing Up

Try these sources if you have bad credit but have a plan that needs finances to implement. Keep off banks because they’ll waste your time and eventually reject your request because of bad credit.

Author Bio: Electronic payments expert Blair Thomas is the co-founder of high risk payment processing company eMerchant Broker. He’s just as passionate about merchant accounts with bad credit as he is with traveling and spending time with his dog Cooper.

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