Know more history of chandeliers

history of chandeliers


The chandeliers are the most adorable yet simple, attractive combinations of lamps/lights which give a rich look to your home. It symbolizes attainment, high class, wealth, and a better standard of living. The word chandelier is derived from the chandelle which simply means a candle. Firstly, this unusual form of light was used by the church in Europe at the end of the 9th century.

After all the improvements by changing time, the lights are developed. They come in various designs, shapes, colors, and sizes. Despite more products, the chandeliers are also the best options to decorate your homes. To know more about these chandeliers, we are providing you with a brief history below.


In the last few centuries, the chandelier has become one of the most decorative objects that provides the best look to your place. In the starting days, these chandeliers were like a simple design. It includes two wooden floats across, with a tine at the end, to hang on to candles.

Moreover, the designs, shapes, and materials were developed by changing time. In the 15th century, the chandeliers were rolled in gold and had become the dominant part of residences of wealthy individuals.


Regular households used wood, wrought iron, and tin to create more sculpting. And these come in the houses of the working classes in the 16th and 17th centuries. In these periods, only a few were able to afford these chandeliers. And the first crystal chandelier occurred in this time swing with the gilt silver metal assembly.

After this, the chandeliers were enlarged in the 18th century. Venetian Murano glasses were used to make this exclusive chandelier in this century. The glass manufacturing evolvement made the relatively cheap and leads to crystal. These crystals were more unclouded and got the shape effortlessly.

Crystal chandelier

Soon after this, all the crystal chandeliers begin to come with the golden edge. And this was the time where the first crystal chandelier was formed by Daniel Swarovski. Also, this is the century where people used gas for their mannered lights. The chandeliers were transformed to flare the gas instead of candles. Thus, there was no requirement of changing the candles in a short span.

Besides that, electricity has become the more instrumental part of these chandeliers. Therefore, the chandeliers have become the most used object for the rich and famous personalities. Today is the time where chandeliers are available for every room, in many designs, and for many options. The Guinness record has mentioned a chandelier called “Reflective Flow” for having 165,000 units in 18,000 KG. This chandelier is placed in the Ali Bin Khalifa Al Hitmi & Co building in Doha, Qatar (2010).


This blog contains all the history of chandelier lights from the beginning to the modern lights of nowadays. We are hoping this blog will give you appropriate knowledge about chandeliers. Apart from that, in today’s era, chandeliers are available in many shapes and sizes. Consider them while decorating your house and add luxury to it.

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