Important tools for DIY enthusiasts

DIY enthusiasts


Every keen DIYer needs a toolbox filled with all the essentials. Without them, tackling those jobs around the house and in the garden gets that little bit more difficult, if not impossible. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned DIY specialist, these are some of the most important tools you should have in your arsenal.


Every collection of DIY tools needs somewhere to call home – and there’s nothing better than a sturdy toolbox. You could opt for an old-fashioned cantilever container or a hard-wearing toolbox from one of the leading brands. Whichever you pick, make sure there’s room to grow your collection of tools, equipment and RS products such as sealants that you may need to call upon.

Tape measure

Getting the measurements right is one of the fundamentals of DIY. Precision helps to ensure all your projects run smoothly and improves the quality of your finished product. Consider whether you need a magnetic version, linen tape or pocket measure to help you complete your jobs around the house.

Spirit level

On a similar note, a spirit level helps to ensure all your lines and angles are perpendicular. Slight misalignments can be easy to spot and difficult to change once more work has been completed, so get it right first time with a reliable spirit level.


With a trusty hammer, you can complete all the jobs where brute force is needed more than anything else. Hit nails into wood, break things into pieces or remove old nails from materials with a claw head.You never know when you might need one!

Utility knife

If you need to do any cutting, a utility knife gives you reliable control of a sharp edge to get through drywall, carpet, felt and other materials. Safety features including retractable blades and guards help to ensure you don’t cut anything you’re not supposed to.

Screwdriver set

One of the must-haves for any DIY enthusiast. Screwdrivers loosen and tighten screws in a wide range of applications, including putting together furniture, taking apart appliances and replacing door or cupboard hinges.A set gives you a range of sizes to tackle many different tasks around your property.

Power drill

Where screwdrivers aren’t quite cutting it or more efficiency is needed for large-scale projects, power drills take the strain out of tightening and loosening fasteners. They’re versatile tools with the ability to take various bits, including one able to drill holes in preparation for other DIY installations. Keep it charged and at the ready!

These are some of the toolbox essentials that every DIY enthusiast shouldn’t go without. As you improve your skills and competence around the house, you can invest in more specialist equipment to help you take your DIY to the next level.

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