Features to look for in some of the perfect pro volleyball shoes

Features to look for in some of the perfect pro volleyball shoes


There are many sports and all these sports have their very own gear. In any sports shoes play a very crucial part and so is the thing in volleyball too. today with many high tech designing techniques volleyball shoes are no more just rubber soled ones, but now they are sleek and functional. These provolleyballshoes do not take care of the comfort but also the look.

There are many styles and brands to choose from all varying in their make and price, but the bottom line remains the same: comfort. And to achieve that there are four things that are kept in mind by the shoemakers.

  • Weight
  • Stability
  • Cushioning
  • Breathability

With the perfect balance between these four features, one can get that perfect shoe for the volleyball game.


Weight plays a very critical role, especially in sport’s shoes. In volleyball, one is always jumping and sprinting all the time, and if one wears a heavy shoe it will drag the feet down creating a downward force that will stop the swift movement of the player. For this reason only the shoes these days are lightweight in nature so that does not hamper the player’s movements on the court.


Though the shoes should be lightweight there should not be any compromises when it comes to stability. Stability is all about proper reinforcement on all sides of the shoe so that a player move back or front and side by side, the shoe should create any drag and ankle sprain. A volleyball payer needs to move in every direction and it is recommended if the pro volleyball shoes also can give the needed stability in all direction.


Shoes have one very important objective and that is to keep one’s feet safe and cushioned. Usually, a volleyball player can be in the court for an entire day standing and running for hours, so for this, the shoe should protect their feet from too much of exhaustion. And this is possible only if the shoes are properly cushioned so that at the end of the day they do not end up with swollen or tired feet.


Wearing a shoe and running and jumping for too long means the feet get sweaty which is highly uncomfortable for a player. That is the best pro volleyball shoes have meshes which allow the air to flow through them and keeps the shoe interior well ventilated.

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