Best nail polish hacks every girl should try

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Have you got Goddess-like nails and love to flaunt them in amazing colours? Applying nail polish is an art that not everyone seems to get it right. After a lot of trial and error, if you always end up going to the salon to get nail polish applied, you are in dire need of some nail polish hacks. With these nail polish hacks from Myntra, you will not only save some bucks by not visiting the beauty parlour, but you’ll become a total pro at applying nail polish.

If you want fantastic nail polish hacks, read further. We promise you with these nail polish hacks, you’ll get parlour-like nails in no time.

Even if you are not a Bob Ross-level artist, these nail polish hacks will make it easy for you to apply nail polish like a pro.

  1. Use a tape: If you manage to spill nail polish around your cuticles every time you apply some, this nail polish hack is perfect for you. Just cut some tape and wrap it all over your nail, leaving you enough space to apply the nail polish. This simple hack is for those who end up painting the skin around the nails just like a toddler ends up colouring the pictures outside the lines. Once the nail polish dries up, you can carefully remove the tape and you’ll be proud of the amazing job you’ve done.
  2. Apply glue: If you’re still having trouble getting the tape wrapped around your cuticles, we’ve got a much better nail polish hack for you. Take some glue and apply it around your cuticles. Once the glue is dried, apply nail polish without bothering about smearing some on the glue. Now that the nail polish is dried, you can simply peel off the glue and along with it will come off all the nail polish smeared on it. This super easy trick will help you apply nail polish like a pro, plus the satisfaction of peeling the glue off your skin will make you feel nostalgic. So, it’s a win-win situation for you.
  3. Fixing chipped nails: Chipped nails are an embarrassment. Fix them with this nail polish hack where you can simply apply a top coat on the nail or apply glittering and sparkly nail polish on the nails. You can even fix the chipped nail polish by using glitter with a nail filer for a smoother finish.
  4. Opening a jammed bottle: A jammed nail polish bottle is the most common problem every girl faces. If your jammed nail polish bottle frustrates you to the point that you give up on applying the nail polish, you need a quick nail polish hack such as tying a rubber band on the nail polish bottle lid. The grip will help you open the bottle quickly.
  5. Removing glitter nail polish: Removing glitter nail polish can be pesky. With nail polish hacks you can make this process simple. All you need to do is cut the cotton dabs into half, apply some nail polish remover on them and wrap it on your nails. Wrap a piece of foil paper on every nail and leave it on for some time. This trick will take off your glitter nail polish without any hassles.

With these super amazing nail polish hacks, apply your favourite nail polish every time you step out.

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