What Are the Latest Fashion Trends in Pearl Jewelry?

What Are the Latest Fashion Trends in Pearl Jewelry


Pearl is evergreen jewelry piece that is always in craze and demand. Whether it is a grand occasion or a casual get together, pearls have the ability to complement every occasion and attire. If you are dressing for a traditional or casual event, there are a few trends that you must follow to amaze everyone.

Pair pearls with colored gems

One of the most prevailing trends in pearl jewelry is to pair an elegant pearl string with cool metallic accents, colored beads, and oversized chain.

Pearls in a gold chain for a classic look

Addition of pearl jewelry makes you look elegant. When dressing for a wedding, wear a nice white colored pearl in the form of a pendant and pair it with a normal gold or silver gold chain. Select a medium size pearl piece to keep it looking elegant and classy.

Pair it with diamonds

A pearl string made up of freshwater will definitely look gorgeous with delicate sarees. Pearls in whatever form, double pearl earrings or a pendant, suit the best with diamonds too, so that you can select a more comprehensive design with diamonds. You can even opt for simple stud shaped pearls that complements your face type.

Multicolored pearl for that stylish touch

For a modern look, try wearing exaggerated ear cuffs, bracelets or statement rings. Wear a gold bracelet and a multi-colored pearl on an evening gown or a casual ‘jeans and white shirt’ look.

For a daily wear chic look

If you are looking for ways to wear pearl jewelry for a casual setting, then go for an intricate diamond and pearl bracelet with a watch. This will give you a casual and chic look.

Pearls for a corporate setting

If you are heading for a board meeting or any other corporate event, then choose a delicate gold string that has a tiny pearl drop in it. It will look elegant and understated and won’t overpower your professional look.


These are some of the hottest trends that you can see in this classic and timeless pearl jewellery. Follow these trends when you are dressing for any event and transform any outfit to an elegant/stylish masterpiece.

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