The Ultimate Diamond Necklace Buying Guide: Finding Your Sparkle

Diamond Necklace


Among diamond jewellery, rings always manage to come under the spotlight. Other types of diamond jewellery don’t get as much attention as they deserve. But a diamond stone can bring elegance and sophistication to all types of jewellery, especially necklaces. So, the next time you think about getting yourself a striking piece of jewellery, go for a diamond necklace.

The magnificent charm of a diamond necklace will accentuate your whole appearance. However, investing in a great diamond necklace requires careful consideration. Delve deeper into this article to explore the key factors to consider while buying a diamond necklace.

Pick the Right Length

Diamond necklaces have different names depending on their length. You can usually pick from the following types of diamond necklaces according to their length:

  • Collar: You will frequently notice Bella Hadid gracing the red carpet while flaunting an exquisite collar diamond necklace. Like a shirt collar, this type of diamond necklace will sit tightly around your neck. Usually, these necklaces aren’t longer than 35 cm. But they have a big width which looks stunning with evening dresses.
  • Choker: A diamond choker is worn around the base of the neck. It can have a length of up to 40 cm. The width of a choker is usually smaller than a diamond collar necklace.
  • Princess: The princess style is perfect when you want to flaunt a diamond necklace every day. With a length of up to 50 cm, it features a diamond right in the middle. A princess diamond necklace will highlight the beauty of your collarbones and make your neck look longer.

Choose the Best Setting

The setting style of a diamond necklace also holds massive significance. A few popular setting styles for diamond necklaces are as follows:

  • Solitaire: In this classic style, a pendant with a stone is attached to the chain using a loop. The number of prongs in a solitaire diamond necklace is usually 4 or 6. This type of necklace looks magnificent with deep-neck dresses.
  • Heart: A heart-shaped diamond necklace is an extremely romantic gift. If you are looking for the perfect anniversary or Valentine’s Day surprise, a heart-shaped diamond necklace should be your pick.
  • Three-Stone: A three-stone diamond necklace features three stones connected to one another. The connection between the stones can either be horizontal or vertical. The geometrical symmetry of this necklace will create a sparkling brilliance. No matter what event you are attending, a three-stone diamond necklace will help you steal all the limelight.
  • Floating: A floating diamond necklace includes multiple stones. The diamond in the center is usually surrounded by smaller loose stones. The floating stream effect of this type of necklace will exhibit an ethereal glow and chic elegance.
  • Dancing: A dancing diamond necklace looks truly magical due to its reflection of light. The uniquely set diamonds in this necklace will make the light literally dance. All eyes will be on you when you are wearing this extraordinary piece of jewelry.

Consider Your Face Type

Your neck and face are essential factors to consider while buying a diamond necklace. Anyone with a thin, graceful neck will look gorgeous in a classic diamond necklace with a short length. Ladies with short necks should go for long diamond necklaces to look stunning.

Your face type is also an essential consideration to ensure that the diamond necklace compliments your look. Oval-faced women can experiment with different types of necklaces because everything will suit them. Anyone with a round face should go for longer necklaces.

If you want to give a round appearance to your triangle face, you should settle for a necklace with a large diamond. It will also help smooth out the angles of your face. Meanwhile, square-faced women should avoid massive diamond necklaces.

Wrapping up

Remember to choose an authentic jeweller to purchase your diamond necklace. It will ensure that you have access to all the latest designs and styles of diamond necklaces and make your pick from them. Always look at multiple options to find the best diamond necklace that makes you look like a true diva.

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