The Best Computer Accessories you can Buy at Phone House

The Best Computer Accessories you can Buy at Phone House


In our online store you not only find computers but everything you need to make the most of themcomputer accessories Pakistan based. If you already have a computer, today we show you the best computer accessories Pakistan you can buy at online store.

If you have a desktop computer or a laptop there are several accessories for computers that cannot always be missing at home: mice, keyboards, a webcam to make video calls or record yourself or cases and briefcases so that your computer is protected whenever you travel anywhere with it or simply to keep it at home.

A Mouse

In the phone house marketplace in Pakistan, you can find all kinds of mice: of all colors, with or without cables, with roll able cables, with or without a wheel. We recommend the Logitech M220 RF wireless. A wireless mouse that you can use in your day to day and that is small and portable. It is a mouse with noise reduction and works with a Bluetooth connection to the computer so forget about cables. In addition, its battery lasts more than 18 months until you have to change it. One of the best recommendations we can make for a cheap and quality mouse.

 A Keyboard

If you have a laptop, you don’t need it but you may want to go for a keyboard to connect to your laptop to make it more comfortable to work or simply because you have a desktop computer and you need a keyboard. There are many options available of all types. With or without cables and all the prices you want. You can get the wireless Logitech MK220 for less than 25 euros and you will not only have a wireless keyboard but it also includes a mouse.

A Webcam

You can also use a webcam to make video conferences of all kinds, video calls or simply if you want to play with your computer and you want your friends or colleagues to see you or if you want to become a youtuber and want to record yourself. There are all types of webcam models available and it is not only useful if you have a desktop but also if you have a laptop but the camera it includes is of poor quality, as is usual. If you want great quality, the Logitech C525 is an 8-megapixel camera with a USB 2.0 connection that will allow you to broadcast your games or whatever you want.

A Case

If you have bought any of the laptops that we recommended a few days ago, there is no better accessory than a cover in case you are going to travel or take it to work and you want it not to suffer any damage. You can choose a case according to the dimensions of the computer or according to what you are looking for by design or by necessity. The Acer NB backpack is a complete backpack in which you can carry your 15.5-inch laptop in addition to the rest of the accessories you need or even all kinds of notebooks, papers, etc. you can buy steam card and we will give gift.

A Charger

If you usually go from office to home and from home to office with your laptop, don’t always carry your computer charger. Whether you want to have one in each place or if yours has broken, at Phone House you can buy a new charger for your laptop. The HQ Universal Adapter is a universal charger with different types of connectors to ensure that it works with your computer or even if you have several laptops at home.

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