How to stay fit while looking trendy in sports shoes

outdoor running shoes


All of us have gone through this dilemma of buying outdoor running shoes. You go to the shoe store and there is a huge wall stacked full of running shoes, your vision blurs and your head pounds with the choices. Each shoe is better than the next in terms of cushioning, weight, stability features, etc. and then they all are in all the shades of the rainbow and more. In the end you leave the section of sports shoe for women alone as you are too confused.

outdoor running shoes

But what if we let you in on the secret of how to find that ‘perfect’ pair of outdoor running shoes. And before we start, there is no ‘perfect’ shoe, it is a myth, a lie. Any shoe that fits the shape of your foot and the mechanics of your feet against the amount of running you do, is the ‘perfect’ pair and each person will have their own perfect pair of outdoor running shoes.

Here is a list, just tick them off one by one until you find that ‘perfect’ pair in the section in the shoe store under sports shoe for women.

  1. Do not get distracted: There are many options and styles and colours around but you should concentrate on only those shoes that are designed for running. That 6 inch heel will have to wait for a while more. Running shoes are designed to handle the shock created by the impact of the body to around 2.5 times.
  2. Why only a real running shoe: Duh! One they do not just look fast but also provide protection to your feet from the road and the shock impacts created every time you take each step. Each time your foot strikes the ground, a major part of the impact is absorbed by a good pair of running shoes. Your running shoe should have the built in features that absorb this impact and allow you to run day after day with more and more ease. Modern day running shoes come with perfect cushioning, flexibility, good traction, breathability, motion control and also stiffness in the shape at the right place which will support your feet while running.
  3. What type of foot you got: Nope not that chicken drumstick. There are three types of arches on our each foot. Two are longitudinal and then there is a transverse arch which kind of cuts these two and makes a sort of a lopsided triangle.

You can see it in the middle part of you foot that has all those undulations on the outside and a depression in the middle of the feet. These arches are designed by our genes due to the placement of our bones, ligaments, tendons, etc. and their shape allows us the much needed spring in our step. These arches also bear the weight of the body and absorb the shock that is produced when we walk or run.

Place your foot on a level piece of ground and figure out from the following three categories before you look for a pair of shoes that will suit your type of feet.

    1. A low arch: When the inside of the foot has almost no space diagonally next to the ankle in the middle part.
    2. A high arch: If the middle part is too high up.
    3. A neutral arch: If the middle part is not too high and not touching the ground either.

Running shoes for each type of foot are different with the neutral type having the maximum number of choices and are the easiest to fit. Well thank your genes.

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