How to make the Adorable Cushion At Home

Cushion At Home


If you would like to decorate your home and you have a limited budget, so make the things at your home that is easy to make. You can also give a cushion gift to your loved one by placing the digital picture of your friend or relative with you on the cushion. Utilize the Pakistan gifts online and place the online order of the cushion.

The money will be safe if you will make the cushion at your home. If you will buy the cushions online or from a nearby shop, so the cushion sometimes does not fit into the seats, so the personalized cushion is perfect that will enhance the sitting area appearance. The cushions must be made by measuring the size of the seats, if you will not measure it so how will you make the cushion the perfect size.

Choose the pattern and color of the fabric according to the design and color of the sofa or seats, so it will make the perfect combination along with enhancing the look of the living room where the seats or sofas are placed. Many people think that the process of making the cushion at home is difficult but it is not true. The process is easy. You merely require the material that is used in making the cushion. The material is available in the shop at a reasonable price as compared to the ready-made cushion.

Process of Creating the Box Cushion

Cut the thick upholstery foam according to the required size of the cushion. First of all, measure the length of the sofa or seat and then cut the foam accordingly. Keep in mind that don’t use scissors for cutting it. Utilize the hand saw for cutting it.

The next step is cutting the fabric through which you will cover the cushion. Measure the foam size and then cut the fabric according to it. Add 1cm in the fabric size and then cut it. Because the additional fabric will require stitching.

Sew the corners of the top and bottom panel and that stitching must be rounded. Then cut the strips for the cushion fabric and then sew the side panel end. First of all, fold the side panels so the edges must be a perfect match. Put the backside in the front and then start sewing it. After finishing the sewing, pin the edges through the pins at the fabric of the cushion. Then start sewing. Sew it through the sewing machine and sew it on the three sides. Leave the one side to attach the zip. From this side, the foam of the cushion will be inserted.

The next step is to sew the zip at the remaining side. After attaching the zip through the sewing machine. Put the right side out of the fabric for turning it. Put out the corners at the start and then turn the entire cushion. Put the foam in it and then zip it.

Decoration of the Cushion

It depends on you that you like the plain cushion or the well-decorated cushion at your seat or sofa. If you would like to decorate it so there are various methods and ideas of the decoration but it depends on you which thing you like the most. If you like the ribbon work so decorate it with the ribbons. You will get the ribbon decoration ideas from the internet so utilize them.

Nowadays, 3D pictures have become most prominent that enhance the appearance of the cushion and digital designing is also like by the people. If you would like to attach the picture of your family on the cushion. To contact the person that prints the 3D images on the cushion fabric. It depends on you which picture does you like. Is it the natural scenery or the family photos? Do you like to see the design or the pattern on it? Finalize the prints according to your interest.

The color of the decoration must be perfectly matched according to the seats or sofas. If the color, design, style, and fabric must be perfectly matched for the enhancement in the appearance. So make the appearance adorable by placing the pretty cushions on the sofa or seats.

Place the order of the adorable cushions and send birthday gift to Pakistan to your friend or relative. Purchase the good design cushion along with the pretty gift for your loved one.

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