How Do I Choose Wedding Flowers?

Wedding Flowers


Flowers play an integral role in creating the right atmosphere and ambiance for a wedding. From the venue to outfits and everything in between, the choice of wedding flowers can make or break the look and feel of the big day. With a wide range of wedding flowers to choose from, it could be overwhelming to narrow down your choice. So, to help make the decision-making process easier, here are a few tips from a seasoned florist London Ontario on choosing wedding flowers.

Choose Seasonal Flowers

Not all flowers bloom at the same time of the year. Different flowers bloom at different times of the year. So, the season of the year in which you’re getting married will affect your options. For example, while sunflowers can be found in late autumn, lilies are a popular choice during thesummer. In addition, the wedding date might affect the colour palette of the occasion. Purple, pink, white, and yellow is more popular in the summer and spring months, while red and orange are a great choice for fall weddings. Hence, it’s important to know what’s in season during the time of your wedding.

Choosing a specific non-seasonal flower could cost you more as they are imported from other locations. Of course, imported flowers ensure the perfect blooms at any time of the year, but arranging shipments from far-off fields can cost you. Choosing seasonal flowers is cost-effective and also supports local growers. You can buy locally sourced, in-season flowers from the local flower shops London Ontario.


The fragrance is one of the major factors you need to consider when looking for wedding flowers London Ontario. Of course, flowers smell great. But, some have a strong scent that could be annoying to someone at the event. While some prefer fragrant flowers, others love flowers with less or no scent. You wouldn’t want to overwhelm yourself. Opt for flowers that smell good but are not too heavy to handle. If you are too nervous and want a lovely aroma, consider adding lavender to your wedding bouquet as these flowers are sure to calm your wedding nerves while adding an elegant touch to the floral arrangements.

Coordinate Colours

To give your wedding table settings an elegant and cohesive look, stick with two or three colour combinations. Dark colours won’t look good in dark spaces and vice versa. Try to choose complementary colours to accent your centrepiece arrangements and other floral decor in the venue.

Flower Delivery

Make sure to choose a reputable florist who is committed to providing reliable flower delivery London Ontario. Research their website, read reviews from other brides and grooms, and make sure the florist can deliver the bouquets, centrepieces and ceremony décor at the right times.

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