Gifts for Bride – Various Jewellery Gifts You Can Gift In A Wedding

Gifts for Bride – Various Jewellery Gifts You Can Gift In A Wedding


Jewellery is the most important thing next to a wedding dress that a bride wears on her wedding day. Everyone is curious to have a glance of the matching jewellery with bridal lehenga or sari of a gorgeous looking bride. If you are going to attend such a ceremony and gather information for shopping, you have come to the right place.

Bridal Jewellery is adored for many years. The bride picks up the most fascinating gold designs that go highly matched with the bride’s apparel. Given below are such gold designs admired by everyone.

  • Types of Wedding Jewellery

Polki Wedding Set

This type of jewellery is most popular among Indians usually seen in alluring events and movies. It is an uncut diamond which is very expensive because it is rarely found and very skilfully carved and used in jewellery making.

Polki wedding set is considered as inherited from our forefathers due to its price and conventional look. It looks fabulous when worn with a sari or bridal lehenga.

Diamond wedding set

Diamonds are women’s favourite because they are expensive, perpetual and hardly found. A bride likes to have diamond jewellery on her wedding. The diamond looks very admirable worn with bridal lehengas, sari, with gowns or other ethnic dresses. Beautiful diamond and emerald sets are going to get attention from everyone. The shine between elegantly cut emeralds and the sparkling diamonds will make the bride look staggering on her wedding.

Gold wedding set

North Indians are crazy about having diamonds and pearls in their jewellery. South Indian people have a charm of pure gold jewellery. South Indian wedding jewellery has pleasing carved bangles by hands, necklaces of many sizes and solid gold earrings. Usually, they have maang tika on the bride. This elegant jewellery is especially made to be worn on sari but also suits bridal lehenga.

If opting for South Indian Jewellery sets it is advised to buy each jewellery separately in pieces which look as fabulous as worn together.

Semi-precious stone wedding set

For brides looking for thick and heavy designs with a glazing look, it is suggested to pick Indian wedding jewellery made of semi-precious stones. Necklace and earrings matched with white and red-stone go beautifully with red bridal lehenga. The design fully highlights the bride’s wedding dress. There are also more such designs which make the bride feel special and elegant.

Antique gold wedding set

This is the latest design in fashion with old traditional gold finish. Jewellery is heavy, thick, rich-looking with beautifully carved god or goddesses in their pendant or bangles. Brides love to wear this design with armbands and waistbands.

This jewellery goes well with Kanjeevaram sari as it perfectly matches with silk dress material.

Meenakari jewellery

Meenakari is a skill in making Indian gold jewellery designs. Gold is carved with natural inspiring designs like peacock, flowers, elephants etc. In between is a place filled with coloured dust. Coloured dust is fused with metal by firing afterwards. Melted dust covers each groove specifically. When the colour cools, they are metal polished.

Thewa Jewellery

Nature or deity pictures are inscribed on a 23K thin sheet of gold. These designs are carved out rather than blended with hot glass or lac. This gives an astonishing look like coloured glass in the background is excellently fused with gold presenting miniature gold-work.

Jadtar Jewellery

Skilled art mostly used for making designs with glass beads, crystals, precious or semi-precious stones or pearls. Jadau necklace has a dignified luxurious look and therefore the first preference for brides from north India. This art of skillfully crafted jewellery is a gift from Mughals to India.


Gold bridal jewellery always fascinated the Indian brides. Old jewellery is preferred more than modern twisted designs. Gold design changes with places like Thushi necklace from Maharashtra are made of gold beads tightly woven with leather strands. Each region has variations and something more to give for gold jewellery designs.

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