Find The Unknown Facts of Philanthropy Now

Find The Unknown Facts of Philanthropy Now


In 2016, foundations and supply institutions will have to deal with a general climate of fear and austerity, but also with a desire for change and innovation. Offering an overview, Ariadne’s forecasts help philanthropic organizations to discover new trends and plan future actions

The Social Morphology

The social morphology of our societies has been substantially modified by the diffusion of the network logic. The emergence of open structures, consisting of a set of interconnected nodes, concerned almost all human activities and experiences, redefining the architecture of relationships and favoring the creation of dynamic and innovative systems. The presence of a growing number of networks is becoming a distinctive trait also in the philanthropic sector, an area in which collaboration is fundamental for achieving common goals and concrete results. In the world of institutional philanthropy, Ariadne – European Funders for Social Change and Human Rights is a particularly active and cutting-edge network that allows its participants to work together to get more than they could do on their own, providing them with a wide range of tools and knowledge.

Find The Unknown Facts of Philanthropy Now

  • Established in 2009, Ariadne is today a network of more than 500 funders and philanthropists belonging to 200 distribution bodies that support social change and human rights in 25 countries around the world. With the aim of creating a cohesive and well-informed group of donors and funders, Ariadne was founded by Jo Andrews who, after seven and a half years of management, in June 2016 sold his role to Julie Broome, a member of Ariadne for more than six years and a key figure in the development of the “Funders’ Initiative for Civil Society”. From scott cooper miami you can have the smartest options now.

The Right Approach

The operational approach adopted by Ariadne is articulated and multifunctional as it offers different services and tools that can be enjoyed both online and offline, through the creation of private resources for the benefit of a vast community of donors and financiers, and of freely accessible public resources by civil society. Ariadne presents itself as “a private network for philanthropists, managed by philanthropists who believe in peer support to reinforce the role and impact of philanthropy for the creation of an inclusive, just society capable of offering everyone the same opportunities”.

To this end, Ariadne’s work ranges from a plurality of themes that include immigration and integration, disability and social inclusion, children’s rights, the empowerment of young people and women, LGBTI rights, the tolerance and respect for diversity, civil and political rights, the environment and justice, just to mention some of the many topics that are addressed within the network.These information are essential and you will have to know all these now.

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