Beach Wedding Ideas for 2023

Beach Wedding


Wedding planning can be some of the best moments of your life, yet some of the worst. It is so much fun to envision marrying your best friend, yet super stressful. Thinking about all the wedding trends there are, how to pick the right wedding photographer, and where to have the ceremony are just part of the battle.

Knowing the best wedding trends for the year can help make wedding planning go a bit smoother. Here we have compiled some of the best wedding trends for where to have your ceremony, as well as what pictures you should tell your wedding photographer you want.

A beach wedding is one that many girls have dreamed about. This wedding is perfect for anyone that loves simple weddings or just the beach and sand in general. These weddings are very romantic, with the ocean as a backdrop for pictures. Some wedding pictures you may ask your wedding photographer to take include a picture of the bride and groom during sunset, one of the grooms holding the bride in the ocean, or just walking hand in hand down the beach.

If an ocean marriage isn’t for you, another wedding trend is a park wedding. Parks are perfect for weddings as they often have gorgeous landscaping. In the Clearwater area, you have many parks to pick from. Consider Boca Ciega Millennium Park in Seminole if you want a great view of the bay. With many picture opportunities, this place is great for brides and grooms that love to fish together. Or, if you are both big kids at heart, consider having pictures taken on the playground equipment. You may wish for the groom to be pushing the bride in a swing or take a wedding party picture of everyone lined up on a large piece of playground equipment.

If you have not heard of golden hour weddings, know they are becoming a hot trend right now. These weddings are held later in the day, such as when the sunlight is fading away. One picture you may wish the wedding photographer to capture is a picture of the bride and groom walking through their guests as they hold lit sparklers. Another neat photo opportunity is having the couple dance on the beach.

Outdoor weddings are a great way to say I Do to the one you love. No matter if it is a beach wedding or a park wedding, there are tons of great places in the Clearwater area that you can pick from.

If you are getting ready for a wedding on the beach, consider reaching out to Tides of Love Beach Weddings in Clearwater, FL. They can assist you with beach wedding photos, helping to take care of various details, such as your wedding bouquet, the marriage license, the officiant, the wedding photographer, and more.

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