5 Articles of Clothing Found in Nearly Every American Home

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We Americans are kind of fussy about the clothes we wear. For right or wrong, we all have our fashion boundaries. But interestingly enough, there are certain articles of clothing that we all have in common. These are things that seem to transcend even the most eccentric style choices.

Five such articles of clothing are discussed below. If you were to check your closet right now, you would probably have to admit that you own all of them. And if not, you are part of a small minority.

1. Plain and Graphic T-Shirts

The number one article of clothing found in nearly every American home has to be the T-shirt. Some of us prefer plain T-shirts; others prefer graphic tees. Some of us have a good selection of both. But that is not all. Our T-shirt inventories run the gamut from traditional short-sleeved tees to their long-sleeve counterparts and ladies’ pieces that are half T-shirt and half dress.

We love T-shirts because they are so versatile. A T-shirt can be the only layer on your upper body when it’s especially hot. It can also be an insulating layer underneath a heavier shirt when it’s cold. T-shirts can be casual, semi-casual, and even semi-formal. They are as appropriate to social gatherings as they are to doing household chores.

2. Sweatshirts and Hoodies

Similar to T-shirts are sweatshirts and hoodies. New York-based Plurawl, a Hispanic clothing brand focusing on the LatinX community, recently ran a blog post talking about the choice between hood or no hood. One of the points they made is that the choice is a matter of personal preference. It is hard to argue with that.

Most of us have at least one hoodie or sweatshirt in the closet. Some of us have more than one. We are also not afraid to wear our T-shirts and sweatshirts together. It’s almost a necessity if you own both.

3. Jeans

Jeans are an American institution. Made of tough denim, a good pair of jeans can last many years. Not only that, but they are also just as versatile as T-shirts in terms of fashion. They go with just about anything and any occasion – funerals and weddings notwithstanding.

Jeans are perfectly acceptable as workwear for manual laborers. But they can also be paired with a button-down shirt and sport coat for a casual business outfit. Jeans can be worn with jackets, sweaters, and nearly any type of footwear.

4. Sneakers

Speaking of footwear, just about every American adult owns at least one pair of sneakers. We love our sneakers because they are so comfortable. We wear them at home as daily footwear. We wear them out with friends, when we go shopping, etc. Some of us are even allowed to wear sneakers to work. There is nothing wrong with that.

A good pair of sneakers are a lot like jeans in that they’ll last for a couple of years. But go cheap and you might find yourself replacing your sneakers six or 10 months after you buy them.

5. Flip-Flops or Sandals

Last on the list are flip-flops and sandals. They are the less formal alternative to sneakers – not that sneakers are exceptionally formal themselves. At any rate, flip-flops and sandals are ideal when you just need to quickly throw something on your feet. They are also a better choice for the beach.

Despite individual fashion choices, there are some articles of clothing that are common to all of us. The five mentioned in this post are probably in your closet right now. If so, know that you are in good company.

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