4 Gorgeous Flowers for Fall Weddings

4 Gorgeous Flowers for Fall Weddings


Saying ‘I do’ between September and November? There is no shortage of colour inspiration when the transition from summer to fall takes place. From the sunsets and pumpkin patches to the leaves changing colours on the trees, warm colour palettes can be seen everywhere in autumn. When it comes to fall wedding flowers, the most popular colour options are orange, red, brown, and purple hues. Whatever may be the theme of your fall wedding, flowers from the leading flower shop in Toronto play a significant role in the décor of the wedding. Here we’ve listed the most popular flowers for fall weddings listed by the leading florists in Toronto.


Roses are the most significant wedding flowers, no matter what time of the year you are getting married. They signify love and romance. Roses come in various colour shades, including orange, purple, yellow, white, and more during the fall. Their large and dense petals make them the ideal choice for bridal bouquets and wedding floral arrangements. When choosing roses for a fall wedding, go with warm colour tones such as peach, blush, and russet. Always remember to order your flowers from the top-rated florist and ensure they offer flower delivery to your wedding venue in Toronto or the surrounding area.


Commonly found during late Summer and early fall, Dahlias are easy to source wedding flowers for fall weddings. Their fluffy shape and broad colour palette make them an ideal option for wedding arrangements and bouquets. They are available in various colour tones, including bright yellows, reds, and burgundy.


This perennial plant’s ability to cascade makes it a popular choice for fall wedding flower bouquets.  Amaranthus can be lime green or rich burgundy. As it drapes, it adds more elegance to your bouquets and centrepieces.

Calla Lilies

Calla lilies are known for their beauty and are available in different colour tones, from traditional white to crystal blush and russet shades. The long petals make them stand out from other flowers and make them the elegant choice for a fall wedding.


Spreading their blooms during the Autumn, these flowers are ideal for fall weddings. Their unique petal arrangements give a whimsical look and are available in different colour options such as orange, white, yellow, and bronze.


 Formerly known as house plants, succulents are widely used in wedding florals these days. They are used as accents in designs of fall wedding flowers and provide an earthy look to your arrangements. You can incorporate succulents in the centrepiece and tablescape designs for your fall wedding.

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