How to Find The Right Matte Lipstick?

Matte Lipstick


Matte lipstick is that variation of lipsticks which can be found in the makeup bag of every beauty enthusiast. This is because; using a matte lipstick – gives one a sophisticated, and bold look. It gives one a long-lasting look as it has a velvety appearance as well! But finding the ideal matte lipstick can be a bit challenging if one is new to the world of lipsticks and makeup.

When one goes for lipstick shopping – they might feel overwhelmed because there are endless varieties like lip gloss, lip crayon, and liquid lipsticks and one can find it difficult to find the right kind and right color of a matte lipstick that matches their undertone of the skin. The entire purpose of using a lipstick is that, it should enhance one’s skin tone. So, one needs to understand what is best for them before they go and pick a few shades for themselves.

Understanding different Skin Undertones

This is the most crucial thing to understand if one wants to become a regular lipstick-buyer. Undertone is the color of the skin hidden beneath the surface of one’s skin. This makes a major impact on how colors may appear on one’s skin. Now, people have 3 major undertones – warm, cool, and neutral.

  • Warm undertones are mostly indicated by the skin’s yellow or golden yellowish color. They are mostly associated with medium to dark skin tones, and something that easily gets tanned under the sun. For that skin, one has to choose matte lipsticks that come with warm undertones like brick red, peach, or coral. They accentuate the inner warmth in an individual and also come out with a unified appearance. They create a natural hue for a warm appearance.
  • If one’s skin is bluish or pinkish – then they are said to have cool undertone. Here, people have pale or fair skin and they are more prone to sun burn. One needs to pick matte lipsticks that come with purple or blue undertone here. They can highlight the lips on the face. For them, plum, berry or mauve can be very suitable colors.
  • The neutral undertone is a blend of both warm, and cool undertones. Yellow and pink undertones are very balanced for people who have neutral skin undertone. Here, one can choose from a wide variety of matte lipstick colors. One can experiment with different hues like bright reds or hot pinks. One can also go for chocolate brown, and burgundy in these cases. They can create a very bold look.

How to find the perfect matte lipstick?

Once one can have a clear idea about skin undertones – it becomes easier for them to pick the right matte lipstick for themselves. But here are a few things that one should keep in mind:

  • One has to think about the natural shade of their lips when buying a matte lipstick. The way a matte color look on one’s skin depends on their natural lip color too. To get more equal tone, one can choose colors that are slightly darker than their natural lip color. This is more effective if the lips are pigmented.
  • It is very important to test on new matte lipsticks before one buys them. One needs to test how the color appears on the skin and if one is feeling any reaction on their skin because of application. One can dab a small quantity on the back of their hand or inside the wrist to see how it goes.
  • Despite matte lipsticks having velvety touch – one has to experiment with other finishes as well like demi-matte. Here, the coating can give some depth to the lips and give one a better, and distinctive appearance.
  • Different shades of lipsticks can go well for different occasions. There are natural hues that one can wear during the day or if they are going out for a casual outing, or to a formal meeting. But at night one can easily dive into colors like deep plum or crimson.
  • One should never get tired of trying new colors. If a few colors do not suit you – you should not give up on them.

Know how to apply them

Applying matte lipsticks properly is very essential so that it can last for long hours. One has to get the smooth look that is durable too.

  • One has to prepare their lips before applying lipsticks and this is necessary for applying any variation and not only matte lipsticks. It is necessary to exfoliate the lips with a mild scrubber so that any flaky skin can be removed. Then only, one can apply matte lipsticks on a smooth surface.
  • Keeping the lips moisturized or hydrated is very much important. One needs to use a good lip balm or a lip primer before applying the lipsticks. Moisturized lips will not crack easily and the lip color will last long.
  • Usinga lip liner that is a bit darker or of the same shade as the matte lipstick is – can define the lips much better. It also does not allow the lipstick to smudge, and they stay for long.
  • One has to apply the matte lipstick with the help of a lip brush or they can do it directly. Start from the center and then reach the corners. For even application, one has to maintain patience.
  • Once the lipstick has been applied – one has to blot their lips with a tissue. This should be done after applying the very first coat so that one can get rid off the extra products on the lips. Then, one needs to apply the second coat. After that, using a translucent powder on the lips can increase the durability too.

One can buy lipsticks both online and offline – and the experience can be quite exciting. If one is confident enough, they can experiment with various hues and then choose the colors that complement them the best. Everyone has their own flair and choice of colors. They give one a chic look that they can carry with any outfit they wear.

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